Values and Ethics

Individuals, who are part of today’s workforce, face many challenges when trying to blend in, and become part of an organization. Challenges such as values and ethics, both personal and organizational are one’s that have to be approached in a sensitive manner, and individuals accept or reconcile with theses changes in many different ways. Everyone will tend to come to find themselves at this exact crossroads sometime in their lives, and it deeply effects how an employee or individual’s frame of mind, psyche or performance is expressed. They tend to use several frames of mind when reconciling with personal, organizational, cultural values and ethics in a global setting and workplace.
The first way that an individual should precede in settling into these changes, is by using the adage “give what you want to receive.”   The following are a couple of ways to approach this method; first, the person must become cognizant of the choices he or she makes, therefore becoming accountable for their actions. Only by doing this, can the person most clearly appreciate the responsibility for their actions and will be able to protect themselves and others from harm and hold others accountable for their actions, but doing so with grace. Next, they should practice gratitude. Individuals should thank others, and be grateful themselves for what they have and what they have accomplished thus far. Third, they should definitely resist the urge to criticize, and notice the positive when available. Another adage can be equated with this, it is the ability to “look at the glass half-full, not half-empty” approach.
Another frame of mind that may be used when coming to grips with these personal and emotional changes is to never allow another person/organization to compromise your self-respect. This might seem a bit egotistical, but you must stand firm in what you believe in, even if your career should hang in the balance. By choosing actions based on your ethical center, you do not allow...