Using Story Telling to Ehance Pupils Reading in Class


This chapter consists of the background of the study, statement of the problem purpose of the study, research questions and the significance of the study, delimitation, limitation and organization of the project.

Background of the Study
Reading forms an integral part of formal education. Therefore, the   skills   and knowledge   of   reading   are very essential   for   pupils   success   in   virtually all cores of   school curriculum.
It is clear that the ability to read   English   is highly crucial in educational achievement in all subjects. While it is important that   children   learn   to   read, it is   equally   important   that   they   read   voluntarily   and   appreciatively.  
The problem was particularly identified in Asafo Akim Methodist Primary three where the pupils could not pronounce or identify words during English reading lessons. Consequently,   the   researcher   had   series   of   discussion   with   the headteacher and   came to   the   conclusion   that   there   were   some   factors   such as   lack of teaching and   learning   material (TLM’s)   in teaching   reading,   lack of   motivation for the pupils during   reading   lessons and others   which   have   contributed   to   their   poor   performance in   reading. In   view   of   the   above   factors, the   researcher   decided   to   help   improve   upon   reading   habit   of pupils in   Asafo Methodist Primary three.
During the researcher’s class lesson undertaken at Asafo Akim Methodist Primary three. It was discovered that most of the pupils had serious difficulty with the use of phonic method of reading which deals with sound of the alphabets.
Statement   of   the   Problem

The   study   focused   on the   method   to   help   pupils   of   the   school   particularly   Asafo Methodist Primary there   class   to   overcome   their inherent difficulties of reading   that   contribute   to   their   poor   academic   performance.
Purpose of the Study

The   purpose   of   this   study is   to   go into   the...