Air Raid Shelters: Which of the Following Sources Is More Useful for Telling Us About Air Raid Shelters During World War Two?

Air Raid Shelters: Which of the Following Sources Is More Useful For Telling Us       about Air raid shelters during World War Two?

In the following essay I will be examining in great depth the inferences and detail in all the sources discussed. I will also create an analysis to confer the usefulness in each source, by doing this I can discover a reliable conclusion about the conditions in Air raid shelters during World War Two. For every source debated I will make sure to include what it inferred and if it was backed and cross referenced by and other sources. In addition to that I will take account of the usefulness and include a description of the sources reliability as a whole. To get a more reliable answer I will discuss the type of source, who the source was written by, the purpose of the source, Analyses of the author and also to cross reference between each piece of information to receive a bigger picture overall.

Source A: Extracts from an interview carried out in 1998 with a woman who was seven at the time. This source describes the shelter as quite small and that it had a wooden seat all around. This infers that it was designed for a small family and that it would not take that much space to place, this meant that many families were able to use these and that it was available to a large number of people throughout the nation. It also says that the walls were made from wood and that were held up by wooden beams and corrugated iron, this is cross referenced by Source C, an artists reconstruction of the inside of an Anderson shelter,. This gives some evidence and inference that the shelter that the author was referring to could be in fact an Anderson shelter so it was outside and underground. This section of text also says that there was spiders and that the temperature inside was very cold. This is also cross referenced by Source C because the woman inside the picture is wearing her nightgown in bed, this might mean that it is cold in there. As well as...