Using an Event to Illustrate Your Answer, Assess the Key Economic and Socio-Cultural Impacts of Events

When someone chooses to participate or enter an event there are economical and socio-cultural impacts. Because of this there are certain things to take into consideration. How long they intend to stay there, will they be staying in a hotel, how much they plan on spending at the event and in the area, will there be adequate transport, will there be security and first aid. This essay will assess the key economic and socio-cultural impacts of the ING Miami Marathon by discussing the strengths and weaknesses that impact the Miami Marathon Economically and socio-culturally.

The ING Miami Marathon is a 26.2 mile course strenching across the scenic state of Miami. In 2010 the article (Adventure Marathon, 2012) reported that “a record 21,116 runners from 79 countries and all 50 states took to the streets of Miami for the annual marathon.” and numbers are continuing to rise. It held its first race in 2003 and has been growing steadily ever since. Every year it exceeds last years participant figures and this year is no exception as an estimated 25,000 people will take part. The route travels through the main state of Miami allowing visitors to not only watch the marathon but also to enjoy the local shops, attractions and restaurants. The Marathon is also supporting and working with various charities from all over the world, internationally, Nationally and locally. With 34 official 2012 participating charities

A big advantage for the economy is the amount of jobs that will be created from the Miami Marathon, especially for local residents. Getz writes (2007) “Most events generate little in the way of permanent employment, although the larger annual ones require at least a small full-time staff. Mega-events requiring a lengthy planning, operating, and shut-down period can have a more substantial impact, particularly if major construction projects are necessitated”. Although events doesn’t offer many long-term jobs it still employs many people for short-term jobs. This...