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Assignment # 1/ The British Colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts in the time of the American Revolution

Compare and contrast the British colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts in the 1600s.
In the early 1600s, England sent groups of settlers to the “New World” to establish permanent colonies. Of them were two groups, the London Company was to colonize southern Virginia, while the Plymouth Company (the Plymouth-Bristol group of merchants) was granted northern Virginia. They founded the first colonies. Although the two colonies of America were similar, they also had very different ways. Virginia was founded for economical and adventurous reasons and to profit from the land. The founders of Virginia wanted to mind for gold for profit and Massachusetts thought primarily of the religious freedom. From the beginning everything went wrong. Virginia abandoned the thoughts of cultivating the land or building shelter for the people, which soon caught up with them, causing a rough start for the Virginia colonization. They lacked the skills of pioneers. Greed drove the people to starvation and also there was disease that they brought along with them from England. This caused for a very rough start for Virginia’s colonization. Virginia’s economy was based on plantations worked by unfree labor.
One colonist, Captain John Smith, tried to stop some of this foolishness. Smith realized that building houses and raising food were imperative to the survival of the colony. Smith also knew that the colonist needed the help of the Native Americans to learn their ways of cultivating the land and surviving the winters. What saved the colonist’s was the slow but sure understanding that they most produce their own food and the cultivating of tobacco, which was a big contributor to their profits.
Massachusetts was founded by Puritans looking for freedom from the Church of England. These Puritans settled in the north, in New England, and Virginia settled in the south....