Urbanization means the concentration of population in the big cities of a country. These big cities causing serious problems even in the very advanced countries of the world. The big cities are full of congestion and environmental pollution. The modern cities are growing in a very unsystematic manner due to fast industrialization. In reality, the concentration of industries also cause, the problems of urbanization.

The population of big cities is always on the increase, because the villagers migrate in large numbers to the cities in search of employment. In the villages there are not many opportunities to get work due to lack of industries. The people of villages also come to the cities in search of higher standard of living and better living conditions. The cities are more glamorous. They provide many sided entertainment through the clubs, cinema houses, television, hotels etc, where as villages lack all such facilities.

But on the other hand, due to over population the cities become the centres of all the vices and crimes. In the big cities of USA many organised criminal gangs has come into exitence. In certain big cities of Europe and US people don't come out in night due to the fear of these criminals. Thus big cities create many social and criminal problems.

In the big cities there is also the serious problem of housing. The authorities are always failing in their efforts to meet the housing demands of the people. The shortage of houses leads to over crowding, insanitary conditions and it result in slums. The huge population of cities also leads to many transport problems like traffic jams, accidents, etc. The inhabitants of the cities also become very self-seeking and self-centered. They lack social feeling and sympathy for others.

Over population and over crowding in cities always create so many problems for the Municipal authorities such as water shortage, electricity breakdowns etc. In certain big cities water is not available all the 24 hrs....