December 27, 2009 it was a cool clear evening around 7:00pm.   I was going out to the recycling bin to get a box that my son had thrown away.   As I was walking there I heard footsteps behind me.   I walked into the recycling area, got my box and came out and there was this guy standing there.   He said, “I want to talk to you.”   I told him, “It is not a good idea to approach a woman in the dark.”   As I was walking away from him he continued to follow me.         He told me how he had seen me at my mom’s house washing my car and wanted to get to know me.   So he had followed me to my apartment complex one day to see where I lived and was waiting for a good time to approach me. He also asked me for my e-mail address since he already knew where I lived.   I stopped in the parking lot near my apartment and told him that I was not interested in being friends with him and that I didn’t want him to have my e-mail.  
The next day I told my building manager about this guy and she said she would keep an eye out for any strangers hanging around.   Later on that evening I was watching TV with my 9 year old son and there was a knock at my door.   I looked out my peep hole and to my surprise it was the guy that had approached me in my parking lot the night before.   He was banging on my door saying that he knows I’m there and wanted to talk to me.   I told my son to go hide and to be quiet.   I called my mom from mom from my cell phone and the police from my house phone.   Within two minutes the police where at my house and another officer had picked him up down the street.   The police had told him that what he was doing was stalking me; he didn’t understand that because he was from another country.   The police told him not to come around me at my moms’ or talk to me again.
As we were standing in the entry way of my apartment talking to the police they told me what they said to him.   With the patrol cars still outside my apartment, all of a sudden the guy comes walking through my front...