Most people would tell me how much they suffer having wild kind of family.I used to be thrill about what happened to my family a few years ago but now I can smile widely because eventhough we don’t   really have everything we wished for,at least we still have each other to hold on,to talk to and to be with me.When I was in standard five,my grandfather passed away.I love him so much because he was always there for me.I always cry every time our memories came to my mind.After that,when I was in standard six,my parents decided to divorce.They did told they wanted to divorce but I thought they could still work it out.Our father teaches us to walk away from our mother and I actually belive him.But then I realize that it’s both of their problem and it has nothing to do with me.On 15 January 2007,my mum call me at around 8 pm and told me she won’t come home because they had divorce.All I could remember was I throw most of the things in my bedroom because I was mad,sad and don’t know what to do. I really wished things would be the way it used to be but then I realize I wasn’t dreaming and need to face the real world and since than I start to know why they divorced.Everything in our house was taken care by my dearest mum and my dad didn’t do a thing to help but yet he still blame my mum for what happened till now.Now I know I should never let my mum down because she is still so strong although she have raise us by her own.I LOVE YOU MAK FOREVER.