Unsolicited Recommendation

Maika Ti Shaiba
1231231 str
Vancouver, WA, USA

Advertising Agency
“Napoleon” rue 1769
Paris, France

Dear Mr. Leblanc,

I am sending you this unsolicited letter because I have some concerns that I would like to voice, regarding a recent commercial which your company created, and perhaps an useful recommendation which you would hopefully consider. The concerns in question are not mine alone, but also my family’s, my community’s, and a large portion of the US population in general. The “problematic” commercial is the controversial, and infamous by now “use condoms” ad, which after making a very successful start in France travelled the world, and was banned in a number of countries, including the USA.

I cannot help but admire the enormous skills and time that must have been used to create this commercial. I think it is flawless in terms of creativity, sound and video effects, directing, timing and acting. Which is great for the purpose of this letter of recommendation, as it lets me focus solely on its one fault - the message. There are some serious ethical and moral issues around it which cannot be overlooked, especially in some regions, where there are strict boundaries on what is ethical and what is not. Since I am writing from the USA and I am familiar with the dispute that the commercial has created in the country, that’s where I will be focusing on, but I am sure the arguments are identical for other locations, too.

The USA is a country which contains many different social and cultural layers, each of them large enough to be a society and a culture of its own. There are strong-faithed religious people, conservatists, families with strong traditions and values, human-rights activists, etc. Each of these groups of people has a strong voice when united, and their beliefs must all be respected and considered when planning a nationwide campaign, event, or commercial, in order for it to be successful.

Your commercial is being aired...