University Studies

Introduction to University Studies
Omg Mackenzie you are going to love the resources available to you.   They r so helpful!   First of all the program offers this library that has so many tools in it like writing, math, media videos, and so much more.   The best part of the library is the river point writer.   It does everything for you like formatting, spacing, and heading.   Amazing resource when it comes to writing papers for class.   Its going to make things so much easier.   The best part of it all is you actually have academic advisors and financial advisors to help you out with anything you need they can answer it.   The coolest ever is the workshops that are available 24/7.   They help brush up on skills.   They have everything from math, reading, writing, computer skills, and many more.   eCampus has the phoenix career services which are so handy for resumes, cover letters, and help with career search.   Oh and not to mention the different ways you can look up books and articles using the general resources link, and most importantly the class environment.   You have everything from personal help from your instructors feedback to classmates giving you support.   Your going to love the resources available to you.

Classmates, the resources available to you as a student are endless.   Students have a number of workshops like Accounting and Finance, Exam Preparation, and many more that are located under your Program tab.   These workshops help students prepare for future classes and success.   The University of Phoenix has APA guidelines when it comes to writing papers.   The Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) is great for this.   It is an online writing lab designed to assist students in developing essential communication skills.   The CWE helps students create papers that are easily understood by the reader.   The lab also offers many tutorials, and guides, and example papers to help understand more of how a paper should be formatted.   In addition to these resources the...