Karl Marx, Redifing History

Karl Marx

Redefining History


Mr. Helden

Mark DeRoo

November 14/10

Karl Marx was a Prussian born Jew, son of a lawyer, who became one of the most influential philosophers of all time. When most philosophers saw other ideas and made them their own, Karl Marx went out, and made his own philosophy, that, still today, we marvel at. Karl Marx spelled out another way to look at history and to understand where we are going.

To understand   Karl Marx's view of history, it helps to understand his life. As he said "The way people get their living determines their social outlook."(Marx)   His childhood and education would be the biggest effects on his ideas, but every his work experience can be used to understand his thinking.

Of the three, his childhood would likely hold the biggest and longest lasting effect on his ideas. His parents came from Jewish families, he father from a long line of rabbis, who converted to Lutheranism before his birth. His mother waited till her parents had died before converting, and Karl was 6 before he was baptized. They did this to further Heinrich Marx career opportunity in law. The conversion, solely for financial gain, would attribute to Karl's utter distaste for religion, calling “It the opium of the people.”(Marx, Deutsch-Französische Jahrbücher ) Ideally, his theories wouldn't work if he did believe in God, nor would he have the same audience or opportunities to show his ideas if his parents had stayed Jewish.

His education would be the second strongest factor in his ideas. He started in a small Lutheran elementary school. After graduation, he attended Friedrich Wilhelm Gymnasium in Trier for five year, where he learned history, math, literature, and languages, Greek, Latin, and French. Later, he became fluent in Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Scandinavian, Russian, and English. His school was suspected of of liberal ideals, so most of Karl's works were written with politically correct christian ideals. This...