Fatoumata Traore
8 February 2015
American Government
Extra Credit
  1. The relationship between The Declaration of Independence & the US Constitution is that the Constitution acts on the principles and beliefs that are written in the charter (Declaration of Independence)
  2. The first 52 words are known as the Preamble. It is the most important in the constitution. They state the 6 core purposes for which they Constitution was written. It serves to define and limit the remaining 4450 words. In the preamble it states that the people of the United States connect the states, establish justice, ensure peace, provide defense, promote general welfare & secure liberty for now and for the future.
  3. There are different sections to the Constitution. The first 52 words which are known as the preamble, then comes the Bill of Rights which lists the rights of the citizens as well as the states. The congress: which is about the Senate & House of Representatives. Then it’s the Executive branch, Judicial, The relationship between the states & the process of making amendments.
  4. The Legislative branch (Congress) duties are to borrow & coin money, to regulate commerce & immigration, set up post office & roads, create an environment for good commerce, maintain navy, army & militia, conduct impeachments, oversee the District of Columbia and to make laws limited to the 6 purposes of the Constitution & these areas. The Executive branch is responsible for appointing judges & officers, he/she is commander in chief, enforce the laws of the United States, grant pardons & to give the state of union to congress. The Judicial branch duties are to take appeals from citizens, courts & States, to make principled judgments, to ensure jury trials, to uphold the Constitution.
  5. The most important aspect to take away from the videos is the understanding of the constitution & knowing the preamble. Also how the Declaration of...