Unit 1 Activity

Jessica Ball
Unit 1 Activity
January 29, 2010

1. Seniors
Senior citizens need to do a lot more things to stay healthy because of course, they are older and have more problems that can happen with them. Eating healthy is a very important thing because once you get older your body does not metabolize things like it used to. It also can prevent diabeties, some types of cancer and heart problems. You should also get checked for many things, like hearing, your eyes, your bone density, your heart, your weight, etc. Being older means you have a larger risk of getting certain diseases and getting sick more often and easily so you have to get checked regularly.

2. Women
Women also have to make sure that they get enough calcium in their bodies because later in lie they can have brittle bones if they don’t. They can either drink milk or take some sort of calcium supplement. Breast feeding is also good for women if they have a baby. Its good for the women as well as the baby. And it is always good to get checked for cervical cancer and breast cancer because if you can prevent it or catch it before it gets too bad, you can save your life.

3. Pregnancy
While pregnant, it is good to get your regular checkups to make sure the baby is ok and to take your vitamins for the baby. Also, breast feeding is good because it has just the right amount of protein, fat, sugar and water for your baby to grow and it is usually easier for your baby to digest than the formula. Breast feeding can also save you hundreds of dollars because you wont have to buy formula.