Unit Seven: Application 15.2

MT302 Organizational Behavior
Unit Seven: Application 15.2
Judgment Calls
October 12, 2010

What do you do or say, if anything, in each of these situations, and why?
In the case of the amateur pilot wearing a tie adorned with the P51D Mustang and the B-29 Superfortress to a meeting with Japanese executives, I would quietly advise him that the tie may be offensive to the Japanese executives and ask him to remove it.   If someone else in the room has an extra tie that he can wear for the time he can wear it for the meeting if a tie is absolutely needed.   If not, then just do not worry about wearing the tie.   If a tie is needed and there‚Äôs not anyone there with an extra and the pilot does need to be in the meeting, then I would ask a secretary or office assistant to go out and purchase a tie for the pilot.   Once the meeting was over or has taken a break, I would find out if the amateur pilot knew the significance and meaning behind the tie he was wearing.   If he did not know the meaning behind the tie, then I would explain to him what it meant and how it might be offensive to the Japanese executives.   If he did know what it symbolized, I would advise him not to ever wear any clothing articles that are offensive to anyone again because our company does not promote and will not tolerate such behavior.
If I was hosting three clients and I knew that I had a maximum spending limit of $118 between cash and credit, I would not take them to a restaurant that has a meal for $40.   Instead, I would take them all to a less expensive yet elegant restaurant that offers rich, filling, and quality food.   The restaurant of choosing would not be a well-known or chain restaurant.   In fact, this particular restaurant will probably be one that I frequent often and have established a relationship with the owner so if ever a circumstance like arises, I will have the option of treating the clients to promising meal and not have to worry about the bill until I actually have the money...