Unit 8 Family Needs

E1 & E2-
There are many different types of families that will need professional help and for different reasons too. For instance all families need shelter, but some families houses may be inadequate, due to money problems, so families may require special professional support from the government to help them sort out their home, so that is it safe, warm and feels homely.   Having an inadequate home comes under the united convention rights. It explains the out comes of having a insecure, unstable, and unsafe house, and that it can lead to issues such as stress, unhealthy lifestyles and even depressions. Families with children who have special needs will also need professional support, for instance the may need certain public services in their area, for instance if they have a child who is in a wheelchair they may need the support to get to and from schooling and any extra activities they may do. They parents may also need support from professionals so they know how they can look after the child properly. For instance the parent or careers may attend sure start meetings so that the can get the support they need. Disabilities within the family can also lead to a lot of stress; this is because there is a lot more care needed within families who have children with a disability.   This is because it is understood that children with disabilities are going to be have less opportunities within their life. This can be very stressful for all the family.
Many issues can lead to stress in the family environment. Unemployment is a large issue that can lead to serve stress levels, this is because when a parent or career is unemployed they will have many different money issues building up on them, how to pay the bills, food, how to mange what money they have, how they can earn more money. This can impact on family life in many ways; financial stress can lead to problems such as sleep depravation and depression. It can lead to lack of communication within the families and...