Unit 650

1. Understand theories of management and leadership and their application to health and social care or children and you people settings.


In my role of Registered Manager I have to manage the performance of the whole team from care staff to the accounts department.

For the care staff this could be via supervisions and annual appraisals which are conducted quarterly and yearly.   This gives the opportunity for the staff and myself to discuss any issues that we have in a one to one environment and is recorded for future reference.   I give feedback from the clients to the carers which are generally very good feedback. If I was to receive any negative feedback I would discuss this with the carer concerned though this would be done as soon as possible and not via the supervision as sometimes action is required immediately.

If there was an area of concern it may be necessary to make the decision to discipline the carer if after all other attempts to rectify the issue have not resolved the problem. I am an approachable manager whereby I contact staff to resolve any problems when they occur and invite them in to speak to me personally and I find that most times this works well without the need to take the disciplinary step.

I have though undertaken disciplinary proceedings in my role when the issue cannot be resolved and with the guidance of our Human Resources consultant achieved an outcome that is positive for the company and the staff member.

In initiating the process of organising key workers for our clients,   I have also implemented new teams for the carers to liaise together and this I have sorted into locations of clients i.e. by address as these staff members will probably be attending the same clients.   This will enable to staff to discuss any changes to the clients needs and report the issues to the office so that any action can be taken.   By giving the care staff more of an active role in the clients care planning and delivery of care...