Unit 6

Unit # 6
Mini Project
Latoya Mills

Create stress management plan
(Write in complete sentences)

List 3 current sources of Stress (be specific). These can be school, family, personal, or work related.

  1.   Work is a source of stress that we currently hired a new employee who recently graduated who does not have any experience in a doctor’s office that I am currently training and also overseeing the office is running smoothly.

  2.   Family stress plays a major role taking my son to and from baseball practice after work and also making sure he is to his baseball games on time that I drive and hour to get to after work.

  3.   School has put a stress by not having the time or energy to complete my assignments in timely manner.

List 3 sources of Support in your life. These are people that you can rely on to help you.

  1.   My son’s father supports me when I am over exerted and unable to take him to practice or to game days.

  2.   My office manager I can count on to help me to train when I feel that I am overwhelmed with work that is still my responsible to complete even thou I am training an office staff member.

  3.   Support from my mother giving me motivation to continue doing my assignments even thou they are late.

For each source of stress, list 3 things that you can do differently (think about being proactive) in order to alleviate some of that stress.

Stressor 1:

  1.   I can do differently at work not to feel stressed at work is to make a daily task sheet for the new office staff to complete on a daily basis.

  2.   At the end of the day have the new employee give me a full report as to what he/she requires more training in the office on.

  3.   Inform new employee to ask questions if he/she does not understand the tasks on the worksheet.

Stressor 2:

  1.   Plan out on how we can alternate turns taking our son to practice and to games days so that I am not over exhausting myself.

  2.   Coming with...