Unit 6

Unit 13- Duty of Care
Short answer questions:
Explain what it means to have a Duty of Care.
People who work in a Health and Social Care professions and organisations have to provide a Duty of Care. This includes keeping people safe from any harm.
Health and Social Care professionals need to have a good Duty of Care every day. Here are some professionals who have to have a good Duty of Care: doctors, teachers, nurses, midwives, carers etc.
When having a Duty of Care you need to put the client’s interest first. This could be treating people with dignity and respect because if you don’t they won’t want you to care for them.
People who work in a Health and Social Care profession and organisations need to follow the policies and procedures that are in place to make sure they are doing everything to give clients the best Duty of Care.
You need to do the following to give people the correct Duty of Care:
Let clients have their own independence by letting them do things themselves. For example washing themselves where they can do themselves. This could be their face, body etc.
Follow policies and procedures that are in place to keep people safe from harm.
Report any bad care to employer.
Assist with people making complaints and pass the complaint on to the correct person if the client wants you to.
How does a Duty of Care contribute to the safeguarding or protection of individuals?
When working with people every day you need to follow the policy and procedure that are in place for providing a good Duty of Care. When doing this your practise at work will be safer.
When following safeguarding you are preventing them from receiving any harm. This could include abuse, injury and illness.
When following safeguarding you are working with different agencies and the service user’s family to keep the person you are looking after safe. You can be doing this by preventing any accidents and also protect them from abuse.
A Duty of Care is contributed to...