Unit 543

3.1- Identify sources of support whilst conducting a research project

In here write about, management support, support from your assessor, staff who will cooperate with the questionnaires, if you get the support from the manager you have more chance of completing the research. Internet, survey monkey

3.2- Formulate a detailed plan for a research project  

Date | Wk. 1Date | Wk. 2Date | Wk3 | | |
Action. | To start writing your questions to be sent out to staff. | Finalise questions. | Log into survey monkey and get questions on there. | Send out questions. | Close survey. |
Details. | This is the first draft to see how the go. | | | Say 1 week return on survey. | Start collating results. |
Complete. | | | | | |

3.3- Select research methods for the project  

I am developing two consultation tools that can be used with service users and staff. The tools are primarily designed to be used in one to one interviews and can be used with many service users and staff who find it difficult to engage in other forms of consultation, including adults with learning disability and people with dementia.
I find out how service users experience a service or package of care being provided
• Determine whether the service / package of care deliver their outcomes
• Understand how different features of service provision impact on the service user.
My staff survey would find out if staffs are happy in their role
• Determine whether the service / package of care delivers the outcomes that staff want
• Understand how different features of service provision impact on the staff and their experience.
Face to face interview facilitates inclusion of ‘hard to reach groups’ like people with dementia.
• Captures detailed information on outcomes including specific examples of good and bad practice.
• Captures diversity of individual experience which can be lost in surveys and focus groups.
• Structure of the tool makes it easy to link process...