Unit 5 Project

Angela Andrews
HI150-01 Unit 5 Project
Kaplan University
December 12,2011

Patient Keeper Inc. is a leading provider of physician healthcare information that enables physicians and hospitals to focus on their patients and not technology. it improves productivity and patient care. Patient keeper has many patient keeper software modules that will improve a physician access to a patient information. Vibra Healthcare will deploy the Patient Keeper Physician Portal and Patient keeper Mobile Clinical Results, this will provide physicians “anytime anywhere” access to patient information through tablets, computers, smart phones, desktop, laptop,for a physician electronic documentation.

This software will provide physicians a way to do work, save time along with driving voluntary physicians adoption of technology. Patient Keeper is friendly “overlay” to are HIS, this will help hospitals implement Patient Keeper without replacing the existing IT infrastructure. Physician were impressed with the Patient Keeper leadership for providing them with useful mobile healthcare applications that supports their patient care from any location.

Ciena Corporation (NASDAQ.CIEN) The network specialist, today they announced it has been selected by the UC Healthcare a leading healthcare institution in Ohio, to optimize patient care through a high performance network connectivity across its hospital along with the data center facilities in Ohio. The Vienna’s 4200 advanced services platform will connect four hospital buildings and the will benefit from the rapid delivery of the mission, which are the critical LAN, voice and video traffic and real time access to vital application including computerized physician order entry her (PACS) and other advance imaging systems as well more robust business that are continuing and the disaster recovery capabilities. Additionally the 4200 based system network will allow a vitual computing environment among UC Health data centers to improve...