Unit 424 Cet

* Understanding and managing behaviours in a learning environment
This is a report on disruptive behaviour within the catering department, particularly the Greenhouse café and Brunels, the factors leading to them and the legislation and organizational policies relating to them.

In summary I aim to explore the factors which may lead to the behaviour issues and how the behaviours could manifest and how the policies and legislation can aid teaching staff.

Ref 1.1 A description of the disruptive behaviours that can occur.
Ref 1.2 An explanation of the potential factors leading to these behaviours.
Ref 2.1, 2.2 An outline of the key legislation and organizational policies relating to these behaviours.

Teaching staff find that one of the key aspects in the role of teaching is encountering and managing challenging behaviour.   As behaviour it is an ongoing issue in the profession and is an important area to insure learners have the experience they wish to have and help them to achieve the best results.

A (Ref 1.1)

Within the learning environment challenging behaviour can manifest itself in many guises.   This means that in the Greenhouse/Brunels the majority of this behaviour is seen by the customers and members of the public.
On a daily basis I encounter:
  * Talking loudly.
  * Talking inappropriately.
  * Use of mobile phones.
  * Sitting/standing around.
  * Arriving late for the class.
  * Being over friendly with the customers/ being rude to the customers.

Being over friendly/ being rude to the customers.
I have learners that come for work experience one day a week.   These learners have struggled to be placed within the industry.   As a few of our customers are learners and male my learners are always trying to act silly and girlie in front of their peers.   This becomes an issue when serving them is very off hand and almost flippant, when within the ‘lesson’ I am trying to instil good customer...