Unit 277

Unit 377
Section 1

1.1: I decided to design a website that would be used for my borough, the London borough of Hounslow, I have decided that this will need some content about the borough, so some content about events in the borough, sports in the borough and information about how to contact the borough as well as a map of where the office for the borough is.  
The layout will need to be a simple layout that follows a grid pattern, for this I will enlist the use of bootstrap to help style the website as a free easy to use open source library that is focused on a grid design.
The first page is the home page, this will contain some base information about the borough and be a landing page that doesn’t have too much information.
The content pages will be laid out similarly, using horizontal lines as well as having an image correlating to the piece of content it is describing, with the event name in header, the date in a smaller header and the content underneath.
The contact page will contain contact information as well as a map.
1.5 & 1.6: There are multiple constraints put upon the creator of a website around content, one of the easiest to describe is copyright around music downloads, you cannot host music on your site that is copyrighted without express permission of the owner of that copyright, whether that be a record label or producer or artist.  
Another one is that you cannot plagiarise other people's content, otherwise known as passing off someone else's work as your own, you must correctly credit and acknowledge sources for such things.
Another constraint is accessibility standards, in the UK it is law that a website must be accessible to all users, regardless of ability/disability, so when creating a website you must be totally aware of these issues and be aware to provide workarounds, such as making your website screen reader friendly.
1.7: Using the correct file type for a piece of data is important, a good example is that you wouldn't...