Unit 2

As I am an Apprendice Facilitator,I have been monitored by a Training assessor during all my training to achieve   the necessary standards of my Apprendice ship framework.
To achieve that is my responsibility to request training and attend all training provided. In my work I have the duty to provide support and support people whit learning physical disability (feed, clean, dress)

The standards that influence the way the role is carried out are:
: Care Standards
: Health and Safety at Work
: Manual Handling Operation Regulation
: Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation
: Codes and Practice
: National Occupation Standards

The ways to ensure that personal and attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct the quality of work is treat everyone like equals.
I am working whit special people who need special care, to do that I need understand they culture to know where they came from what are they needs without judge. Whit training and using the support of senior I can do that.

Reflecting on practice is an important way to develop knowledge, skills and practice because we can see how the things are going on if they need to be change or not.
Normally we have meetings and we talk about same situation of the day before, sharing the different experiences i learn and I get more knowledge and skills for to do my work.

I started work a few months ago as Apprendice Facilitator and since that time has been given to me training and I have also all support of my colleges, supervisor and manager. I have been using all that training every day always regarding respect, confidentiality and make shore that everyone is all right.

About reflecting on work activities, we have in every rooms a book were we write the activities of the day. How the things went on the positive and negative aspects, ever body can reed and can be useful for the next activities.

The sources of support for my own learning and development it is...