Unit 14 Brief

Unit 14:

Physiological Disorders

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QCF Level 3:

BTEC Nationals

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Guided learning hours: 60
Aim and purpose
This unit aims to develop learners understanding of the nature of physiological disorders. They will also be
able to gain knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders. Learners will, additionally,
learn how to produce care pathways which include an understanding of strategies to support individuals with
particular disorders.

Unit introduction
Knowing and understanding the development, causes, diagnosis and treatment of common physiological
disorders is essential for workers in the health and social care sectors. This unit will support learners in gaining
understanding of the causes of disorders and how they are diagnosed. The unit facilitates understanding of
the care pathways relevant to the disorders and the roles of practitioners involved in these care pathways.
Learners will gain an insight into the coping strategies that can be used to support individuals with particular
physiological disorders so that they can maintain their independence. Learners will go on to evaluate the
effectiveness of these strategies.
Learners will choose two physiological disorders and investigate these throughout the unit. The unit will give
learners the opportunity to gain an insight into how different physiological disorders may present themselves
in individuals and the ways in which health services provide diagnosis, treatment and care for service users
with these disorders. Difficulties that may occur in diagnosing diseases will be investigated and learners will be
able to evaluate the contributions of a variety of care practitioners to the care pathways for the diseases.
The unit will be useful for learners preparing for a variety of careers in health and social care and the allied
health professions, as they will develop an understanding of relevant needs-based care planning and support
in treating the disorders...