Copper Ore Crushing Unit for Sale

First, infectious medical waste articles such as bloody injectors,copper ore crushing unit injection needles or the like are introduced into the crusher 10 so that they are crushed into pieces in the crusher 10 and thereby converted into a safe material of a shape which cannot be visually identified. This is to enable the crushed infectious medical articles to be utilized as an aggregate for a construction material after sterilization.

Before the crushed infectious medical waste articles are introduced into the mixer 12,bauxite washing plant particulate absorbent is supplied into the mixer 12 from the hopper 28, and thereafter, the hopper 28 is air-tightly closed with the lid 36. It should be noted that the absorbent is selected to provide material having two functions, i.e. (1) to assure that particles derived from the crushed infectious medical waste articles do not adhere as deposits on the inner wall of the mixer 12 and (2) to assure that an unpleasant odor generated from rubber based infectious medical waste articles at a temperature higher than 160° C. and toxic gas, such as chlorine gas or the like generated when a polyvinyl chloride or similar resin is burned, are completely absorbed in the particulate absorbent. Preferably, the absorbent is an inorganic compound capable of absorbing acidic gases. It has been found that calcium carbonate is most preferably employed as the particulate absorbent. In addition to the aforementioned advantages,mobile crushers south africa the calcium carbonate is available at an inexpensive cost, e.g. as limestone, and moreover, can be used as an aggregate for increasing the strength of a concrete.

As a hot oil heated in the heater 16 is introduced into the recirculating passage 34 arranged around the housing 32 of the mixer 12, the hot oil heats the mixer 12 to a temperature of about 150° C. so as not to allow an unpleasant odor or a toxic gas to be generated from the crushed infectious medical waste articles. After...