Unit 10 1.1

Physical development - gross motor skills.     | In supine: Head is on one side. In prone: Head is on one side and can be lifted.   When sitting: Head falls forward and back curves Head will turn towards light and sounds. Hands are closed tightly.     |
Physical development - Fine motor skills.     | Gazes attentively at faces, especially when fed and spoken to.     |
Social and emotional development.       | Dependant on others. Smiles from about 5 weeks. Senses are used for exploration. Begins to respond to sounds heard in the environment by making own noises.     |
Communication and intellectual development.       | Communicates needs through sound. Communicates through crying. Communication occurs through physical closeness. Begins to coo and gurgle in response to interaction from carers.     |

Physical development - gross motor skills.     | Turns from side to back In supine: head in central position In prone: Head and chest can be lifted from the floor, supported by forearms. When sitting: little head lag remains, back is straighter. Arms can be waved and brought together Legs can be kicked separately and together     |
Physical development - Fine motor skills.     | Alert, child can move head to watch others Engages in hand and finger play Holds toys briefly before dropping     |
Social and emotional development.       | Through use of senses, can begin to understand they are a separate person Begins to discover what they can do May cry if carer leaves the room, not yet understanding they will return Shows feelings such as fear or excitement Reacts positively when a carer is caring, kind and soothing.     |
Communication and intellectual development.       | Recognises and links familiar sounds such as face and voice of carer Will hold ‘conversations’ with carer when spoken too, makes sounds and waits for a response Can imitate high and low sounds     |

Physical development - gross motor skills.     | Turns from front to back or back to front...