Unit 10 of the Aat Technician Stage,




This report is submitted for assessment of competence in Unit 10 of the AAT Technician stage,
Managing Accounting Systems.

DATE 31 October 2004        

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Chapter Page

1 Terms of Reference 3

2 Methodology 4

3 Management / Executive Summary 5

4 Background & Business Activities 6

5 Commercial Environment
 5.1 Shareholders
 5.2 Suppliers
 5.3 Customers 7-8

6 Organisation Structure and Size
 Number of Employees 9

7 The Accounting Function
 7.1 Role
 7.2 Staff and Responsibilities
 7.3 My Job Description 10-11

8 Evaluation of the System
 Improving the performance of the Accounts Department
9 Cost / Benefit Analysis 16

10 Impending Changes
 10.1 Changes within the Accounts Section
 10.2 Changes within the Shop 17

11 Problems encountered, Fraud
 Unpaid Cheques 18
12 Conclusion 19

Word Count 20


All Names, Dates and Numbers are changed, for confidential reasons.

1. Terms of Reference

This Report details the findings of an investigation, about how the Management Accounting System of PP LTD is structured, sized and how it works.
It shows the coordination of work activities within the Accounting Environment, and how effective the Accounting procedures are, and if it is possible to improve them.
It also shows problems encountered, like fraud. This report will show how the staff of PP LTD will try to prevent them in future.
We also will have a look at the Background and Business Activities of PP LTD. This Report will give us details about the Commercial environment, the structure of the business, Impending Changes and how the Performance and Productivity can be improved.
PP Ltd is a small Business and under constant pressure from other, larger Organisations with large stores all over the UK. Because of their size, these stores have more products to choose...