Unit 1

Hayley Messam
QCF Level 5
Unit 1

Use and develop systems that promote communication.

  1. Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role.


 Communication is paramount in my role, I have to adapt and communicate in a way which meets each individuals needs, weather that be verbal, written, or body language. As I come into contact with many different individuals on a daily basis I am constantly reviewing how I communicate. Communication isn’t just about speaking and writing, listening is equally important in my role. For example.
When communicating with young people I ensure I use language and terminology in which the young person will understand and relate to, in order for me to communicate effectively I also have to listen and act with genuine content to ensure the young persons needs are met appropriately, this also contributes to building strong relationships and rapports with the young person. In my role as manager my communication with the team has to be precise, effective and encouraging, my verbal communication has to be clear and precise, a great deal of written communication is also required, this mainly covered by means of a log book, communications book, Memo’s and email correspondence and meeting minutes. I work extremely closely with a lot of outside agencies and other professionals, all of which I have to ensure my communications skills are effective.


In my role as manager I am continuously looking for ways to better communication between all parties. I ensure I am proactive in leading by example, I hold regularly team meeting which include bite size training sessions, during these sessions I always cover the importance of communication as apart of my own continuous personal development and personal development of the team. As I believe communication is the key in all aspects of life, this falls high in my priorities of learning and development. I support effective communication by ensuring all...