Unit 1

Unit 1 D1
D1: Evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in one organisation.
I believe that the managers of Tesco have the largest influence on the business as they are working for the success of the business but they are also working to gain a substantial salary and status within the business. The managers will be very influential towards everything related with the business as they will be the ones controlling and managing the stores and business. They will have an influence over employees the most as they will be allocating and organising staff to carry out tasks. It’s important that the managers guide and motivate the employees towards their task to ensure all work which is outstanding is completed to a high standard. Managers will also be influential regarding different departments, for example they will be evaluating the budget of each department and how it is spent and what it is spent on, in order to improve each department so the business can run efficiently as a whole.
Employees will have a reasonably high influence on a business like Tesco because without them the business cannot run properly, from Tesco’s view point the employees are seen as valuable assets. The employees have a great influence because they are the ones dealing directly with the customers and they are the ones who are representing Tesco as a business. Employees are working towards their own personal goals, with the main one being a wage to provide them a livelihood but they also would alongside that like job security and satisfaction. Employees in return would try to work harder to achieve a better position within the business which would lead to a higher salary. This is good for Tesco because their employees are motivated to working harder to achieve a better role which would lead to higher quality services and customer satisfaction which is good for Tesco.
I believe that the customers have to be one of the most important stakeholders...