Understanding Religion in Prisons

Understanding Religion when it comes to Inmates
Dawn Mendoza
Bryant & Stratton College
ENGL 305 Research and Writing lll
Proposal Research Paper
Instructor Jay Spector
October 20th, 2011

There are times when people go to church on a Sunday morning and think to their selves, “Are we lucky enough to have the chance to sit in a church and learn about the bible, learn about what God is trying to teach us?.” I am one of those people who sit and   wonder if there are people in our society who are less fortunate as I am or others, since religion is so open and easy accessible to come by in our society . On the other hand it can’t be so easy for certain individuals such as incarcerated inmates to learn the bible or the gift of what God is telling us because the majority of their freedom is not accessible for them.
  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to have a timely conversation with a preacher, who is also my brother n law and also who consults inmates with the opportunity to discuss their opinions and thoughts when it comes to learning about God. Mr. Preacher Gilbert Mendoza participates in a program through The Racine County Ministries that is a privilege to reach out to certain area correctional institutes to spread the understanding of religion. Preacher Gilbert goes to Racine County Correctional Institute and meets with inmates to give them an opportunity to participate in learning about the bible, religion and what it what it means.   This program can be beneficial to inmates if they believe that the word of God can help through their journey while being incarcerated.

Religion and Inmates
Sunday mornings are usually a tradition to go to a church of some sort or attend a school to teach and learn about a specific religion. There is however certain children who will act up being disruptive, disrespectful or just out right bad or naughty during the services. Most of the times you want to believe that they will mature and change; since I am...