Auschwitz was a concentration camp during World War II.   It was part of the Holocaust.   Many Jewish and non-Jewish people were killed at Auschwitz.   More prisoners died at Auschwitz than at any other concentration camp during the war.
Auschwitz was known as the “Camp of Death” or “Death Camp” (Auschwitz Int.).   It was the largest Nazi concentration camp.   Auschwitz is 37 miles from Krakow, Poland. (Auschwitz HRC)   It was a forced labor camp that was guarded by SS guards (Auschwitz HRC).  
When prisoners arrived they had numbers tattooed on their arms and their personal names were taken away.   Between 1.3 and 1.5 million were killed in the gas chambers at Auschwitz. (Auschwitz Int.)   The Nazi’s exterminated Jews using poison gas in the gas chambers (Auschwitz HRC).
The Nazi’s gave the prisoners very little food.   Because of this, hunger disease set in sometimes after as little as three months. After the prisoners were killed by the gas in the gas chambers they were burned. After they were burned the ashes were thrown into ash pits (Ash Int.). The ash pits were usually ponds near the camp (Ash Int.).  
The prisoners were punished for little mistakes. They were punished for acts of kindness toward other prisoners. (Altman 69) Prisoners were lined up and shot in from of The Black Wall.   The Black Wall protected the brick wall from bullets that killed prisoners (Black Int).   There were some rewards given to prisoners.   In Auschwitz there were two swimming pools. One pool was for the SS men-guards and one was for the prisoners. Swimming in the one for the prisoners was given as a reward for hard work during the day. (Swimming Int.)  
The barracks were originally made for the Polish army and military. The prisoners started sleeping on mattresses on the floor of the barracks. The barracks were so crowded that the prisoner had to sleep on their sides.   Sleeping on their backs took up too much room. (Living Int.)   When bunks were built, the...