Understanding Physical Disability

Understanding physical disability

Centrality means seeing the individual as a person, rather than just their disability, and ensuring
the individual is at the centre with everything focussed on them and planned around them. This means that care planning is person centred, looking at their overall well-being. The individual is involved in this process and their likes, dislikes, needs and wishes are taken into account. All positive aspects of the person are focussed on, such as their skills and goals, which promotes self esteem. It is very important to recognise the centrality of the individual to ensure their well-being. Involving them as much as possible empowers the individual to have control over their life and to make choices regarding their support. This is much more positive for the person than just looking at their disability, which could mean that their emotional well being is neglected, decreasing their self esteem. By labelling an individual by their disability we┬┤re forgetting   individuality.

Person centred care is planned and delivered around the   persons unique needs, this means involving the person as much as possible, as well as any others that the individual may want involved such as family, friend, professionals and their support staff . The person should always be put at the centre and be involved as much as possible in choosing where they live, who they live with and who will provide   the support and more importantly how they wish their support to be provided, this will help build self esteem   and self worth. Support staff will ensure that they look at customers strengths and will build these, maintain dignity and respecting individuals privacy. A person centred approach is very important to ensure the overall well-being of an individual and by giving a sense of empowerment and happiness.   My role in promoting this would be looking at rota's and ensuring the individual has the support at times that they have chosen and with...