Understanding Islam

Understanding Muslims and Islam
Islam is highly controversial and sensitive topic in today’s world .so it is the culture that surrounds the religion .Though not a new religion, Islam has come to the forefront of religions since September 11th, 2001.Many people including myself were unaware that there was, and still is radicalism and extremism in the Muslim world. Islam appears to be the fastest growing religion today, and while we cannot stop the behaviors of others, we can become more aware and conscious of the existence of whom and what is around us.
Population and Demographics:
1. What is Islam?
2. What is the national population of Muslins in America?
3. Islamic practices in big cities.
4. Practices of Islam in foreign countries.
Society and Islam.
1. Treatment of the Muslim people, is it different from other religions?
2. How does Islam compare to Christianity and Judaism?
3. Women and Islam, are they predominant?
1. Impacts of using religion for criminal activity.
2. Does radicalism and extremism exist?
3. Impact of religious beliefs on communities and society.
1. Evaluate how we treat people of different cultures.
2. Understand the true meaning of diversity.
3. Evaluation of current systems in place to stop criminal activity.
We may never understand all cultures and why people do what they do, but we can learn to appreciate and tolerate them; people bring different cultures to the place work, to the malls, and to where ever there is a gathering of people. The teachings of Christianity, Judasim and Islam are similar, because it is believed that religion started at the beginning of time, but regardless of what a person’s perception of religion started at the beginning of time, but regardless of what a person’s perception of religion is, and what their practices are, each one should be treated with respect. We should not prejudge anyone for their culture or beliefs, or...