Understand the Role of Social Care Worker

Unit 6   Understand the role of the social care worker
Unit code a/602/3113

Question 1
      1.1 The difference between a working relationship and personal relationship is that a working relationship are generally formed within the work place setting they are different because of boundaries set, you have professional codes of conduct to follow, employer policies and procedures in place, it involves the concept of team work and are necessary to maintain a professional nature whilst at work. In a working relationship you could/would be friendly but on a different level to a personal relationship, you have a different approach, you would treat residents and work colleagues with equality, you would know your job role and responsibility and you would not usually share personal information with them as you would the same with friends. Also a working relationship generally has no emotional attachment and is primarily based around your job, where as personal relationship has an emotional attachment due having family and personal friends based on similar likes/dislikes or social commitments and is not work related at all. Other personal relationships are formed on a romantic nature and are based on love and family bonds

1.2 Their on many different working relationships with the social care settings below is a list you may find within the care setting organisation
  * Relationships between co-workers
  * Between worker and mangers
  * Relationships with teams
  * Relationships between different health professionals like local authorities
  * Other professional relationships that may include the users of the service and their families/ health professionals.

Question 2
2.1 It is important to adhere to the scope of your job role as this sets out boundaries within your role, it enables you to know your role and responsibility fully, knowing your own level of competence and skills within your role, to know your job description and what’s expected and what’s not, if...