Understand How Schools Are Organised in Terms of Roles and Responsibilities.

Explain the strategic purpose of:
• School Governors - Can consist of up to 20 people, but usually range from 10 to 12. They consist of local community representatives, parents, local authority staff, teachers and support staff.   Their role is the running of the school and to liaise closely with the Head Teacher and Senior Management Team, setting aims and objectives for the school, to adopt the policies which achieve those aims and objectives, and set targets to be able to achieve the aims and objectives they have set.
• Senior Management Team – Are usually Senior Teachers within the school, including the SENCO, or Inclusion Manager, Year Group Leaders, and Foundation Stage Leaders. In a Secondary School you may also include Subject Group Leaders, they work closely with the Head Teacher and have regular meetings usually once a week, their role is to discuss any issues within the school, the running of the school, the future improvement plans for the school and school development plan, which would then be forwarded to the relevant Teachers/Support Staff when and where needed.
• Other statutory roles, e.g.   – The other statutory roles could be Health and Safety, Child Protection, and Manual Handling, which would be carried out by any members of Staff within the School.
• SENCO – the role of SENCO is to manage and monitor provision for Special Education Needs of the children within the school. Their role is to liaise with Parents/Carers, give support to other practitioners, make sure that Individual Education Plans (IEP) are in place, keep up-to-date records for assessments, and liaise with both Parents and Teachers on regular intervals to monitor changes or issues that may arise.
• Teachers – role is to plan the year’s curriculum to ensure that long term /medium and daily planning, are in place.   Developing children’s ability to learn.   Special Educational Needs children, to set, record and report IEP’s, assessments and development progress and attainment of...