Turn in the Road


Why do we need to know how to do a turn in the road?
We may have taken a wrong turning or got lost and need to turn around. There may be no side roads to reverse into, or we’ve turned into a ‘no through road’ (a dead end) and the only way to get out is to turn the car round.

Safe convenient and legal place (SCALP):
When asked to ‘find a convenient place to pull in and park on the left’ avoid blocking any driveways and stop straight as you can and as near to the kerb as is reasonably possible – the nearer to the kerb you are the more room you have to carry out the manoeuvre.

Before you carry out the manoeuvre you must ask yourself three questions:

Is it a safe place to carry out this manoeuvre?

Is it a legal place to carry out this manoeuvre?

By carrying out this manoeuvre am I inconveniencing other road users?

You must make sure it’s a safe place to carry out the manoeuvre – a place where you can see clearly up and down the road – and as a result be seen clearly. Do not carry out the manoeuvre on a brow of a hill, on a bend, close to a junction or on a fast moving road.

It is illegal to carry out the manoeuvre on a motorway or dual carriageway, on a one-way street, or where there are ‘no u-turn’ road signs.

Before carrying out the manoeuvre consider whether you are inconveniencing other road users – use a quiet side street rather than a busy road. Don’t block driveways or entrances and avoid busy shopping areas, schools, police ambulance or fire stations. Make sure there is enough room for you to turn and parked vehicles don’t get in your way.

Once we have decided it is safe, legal and convenient we can carry out the manoeuvre.

Firstly, carry out your POM routine – the same routine you use when moving off from the side of the road (except you don’t signal).

P is for preparation:
Into 1st gear – set the gas and find and hold the biting point. For this...