Drink Dont Drive, Do the Watermelon Crawl

A year ago I could have been considered what some people may call a lost cause. I partied like a rockstar everyday of the week. I lived like there was no tomorrow and probably could not even tell you what day tomorrow was. My mom and dad were unhappy with my choices, but continued to stand beside me. I was always reassuring them that I was going to go to school, I was just not ready. Honestly, I was ready to start school. I hated people asking me “So are you in school?” It was embarrassing enough to have to answer no, but then I would have to tell them I worked at the Trophy Case as a helper. The owners were great people, but the job was horrible! I hated going to work every day! Driving to work everyday, in the back of my head I would think, if I don’t go to school I am going to be working crap jobs like this for the rest of my life!   I knew it was time to make a change, I just could not seem to throw the emergency brake on the party bus! On December 13, 2008 that brake was thrown on for me.
Every Thursday night you could find me at the same place, Shenanigans. My best friend at the time, Cheyenne Butler, was with me as usual. Looking back, I think what brought us together was that we both liked to party and we were not in school.   Along the way to Shenanigans Cheyenne and I sing “If You Drink Don’t Drive, Do The Watermelon Crawl” by Tracy Byrd. We succeeded in our mission (to get drunk) at the bar and make our way to the car. On our way home we decided that Taco Bell would be great! We drive back into town and order about five of everything on the dollar menu. Most importantly, my double stuffed bean and cheese burrito. I was ready to tear into that burrito, but to myself I think hey, Im drunk! I cannot eat while Im driving! I will get pulled over! I decide that I will wait till I am safely at home, on my couch, watching South Park. I make the turn at farm road 2821 and highway 75, and thats when I see the flashing lights.
That night I received a DWI. I...