Ttherapeutic Relationships in Nursing

Therapeutic relationships in nursing
In this reflective assignment I will provide information to establish how I have used and improved my interpersonal skills with patients and the staff I worked with. I will also show how I established a therapeutic relationship with a selected patient from my second placement. I will provide a brief description of my chosen patient and the importance of gaining informed consent and patient confidentiality will be discussed. I will utilise Roper, Logan and Tierney’s (2003, p.81) Model of Nursing, which places importance on the 12 activities of living (ALs) and focused on the most appropriate of the 12 activities. Gibbs’s reflective cycle was chosen to reflect upon each step of the therapeutic model in Jasper (2003, p.77).
To define therapeutic communication it involves using of carefully chosen ways of communication to help the patient and their family to overcome stress and the inevitable situation the patient finds him- or herself in, McHugh Schuster (2000, p. 7). Stein-Parbury (2005, p.4, part 1) describes a therapeutic relationship as ‘listening without judging and responding with understanding help to create a relationship based on acceptance and respect. In effective Nurse- patient interactions there is an orientation on the part of the nurse to be of benefit to the patient and more importantly the patient feels assisted in some way by the interaction.’
Patient A is a 65 year old lady who lives on her own somewhere in the north east. She has been suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) for the past five years. She was a heavy smoker until approximately 3 years ago, but managed to stop smoking with some help. Up until 6 months ago she coped well with her illness and managed to control her symptoms. Unfortunately, her health started to deteriorate over the last 6 months and she was admitted to the ward I worked in, on my second placement, after a severe attack of breathlessness. A neighbour and good...