Treaty of Versailles

Germany shocked with embarrassment

Two days ago Germany was left with embarrassment and humiliation after having to sign the treaty of Versailles.   The treaty of Versailles was a treaty attended Britain, France, Italy and USA. The Treaty was received very badly within Germany. The nation had been blamed entirely for the First World War and had been forced to pay compensation to the allies. When the terms were made public there was anger and furry throughout Germany. Within Germany the treaty was becoming know as Diktat, meaning order as it was being forced on us and we had no choice but to sign it. Many in Germany did not want the Treaty signed, but the government knew that they had no choice as German was incompetent of restarting the war again.

The sighing took place in the palace of Versailles, near Paris. I was sent over to cover and witness this milestone event that would affect Germany for ever. When I entered the hall of mirrors, where the treaty was being sighed there was people everywhere, you couldn’t move. After standing there for 1 hour, the ‘big 4’, started reading out all the conditions of the treaty. As a German all these conditions just seemed so unjust. There 4 main conditions Germany had to take upon while signing the treaty of Versailles. The main condition was giving up territories. Germany had to surrender land to France, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Czechoslovakia and the city of Danzig. In total lost 13% of European territory. Germany also had to give up colonies such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand and England. All these countries were given to the League of Nations to look after. This was seen as a great insult to Germany because The Allies stated that Germany had shown itself unfit to rule an overseas empire.

Another thing that the treaty of Versailles put Germany through, is dealing with the guilt. Germany was responsible for starting the war. Therefore Germany was to blame for all the war damage caused by the First World War....