Trauma Types of Responds -Classification Essay

Classification essay outline
Trauma types of Responds
  I. Introduction:
  II. Thesis statement:
However, people respond to traumas in shape of “No not me” respond, “Why me” respond, or “Ok I can handle it” respond.
  III. “No not me” respond- denial
      A. Emotional Characteristics - hide feelings
        1. Look Calm and relax
        2. Unemotional
            i. No crying
            ii. No sign of anger
            iii. No lose of control
        3. Avoid confronting
        4. Don’t accept reality
        5. Don’t accept help
        6. Don’t accept reality
        7. Feel shock and disbelieve
        8. Sensing the loved one’s presence
      B. Physical characteristics
        9. Weight loss or weight gain
        10. Insomnia
        11. Chooses active ways of expressing grief.
        12. Uses humor to express feelings and to manage anger.
Kitty and Robert – brain died (brothers and sisters series)
  IV. “Why me” respond – anger
      A. Emotional Characteristics- expresses feelings
        1. Feel rancorous
        2. Act aggressively
        3. Blame others for the lost
        4. Angry of the world
        5. Crying at unexpected times
        6.   Decreased desire for socializing
        7. Questioning beliefs
        8. Feeling jealous toward others
      B. Physical characteristics
        1.   Frequent sighing
        2. Physically exhausted or anxious
        3. Expresses anguish or sorrow with tears
Kimberly Allen (NC, USA) lost a husband and a 6 moths baby before Halloween,
  V. “Ok I can handle it” respond – acceptance
      A. Emotional Characteristics
        1. Sadness
        2. Accept life
        3. Worries and fears
        4. Tears
        5. Death is universal
        6. Relief: if the person was ill before the death
        7. Distress emotions at anniversary dates, birthdays, holidays
        8. Go back to normal...