Transport Management System Market Segments and Key Trends 2016-2026

Transport management system (TMS) is a part of planning and execution system which provide solution that help companies to carry out operation more efficiently, reliably and cost effectively. It is a part of supply chain management as well as resource management. Most of the enterprises use TMS software in order to manage and monitor their business. TMS helps transport companies to optimize the routes of shipment from origin to destination considering all the factors including planning, execution, fleet management etc. TMS is used by various enterprises not only as a multifunction system but also as a comprehensive managerial system. Various enterprises prefer a system that can handle and manage all the inbound and outbound supply chain management operations that involves planning, decision making, transport follow-up, transport execution and transportation management. Various functions of transport management system includes real time transportation tracking, route optimization and vehicle load, scheme simulation and transport costs, freight audit among others. Transportation of goods is done via railways, roadways, airways, seaways or by combination of one or all of these and thus has to be well planned, executed and delivered. Thus, transport management system becomes a success factor in achieving operational efficiency for the aforementioned concern.

Global Transport Management System Market: Dynamics

Rapidly growing economies offer opportunities and challenges to the transportation industries. Increased shipment of goods across the globe is a major cause behind channel congestion and increase in competition between market players. Thus, requirement of transportation management system is increasing due to need for safety standards while transportation, storage and handling of goods. With the increasing transportation costs due to complex and intensive transportation networks, need for transportation management system is also increasing which is driving...