Jsb Market Research: Automotive Steering Systems Market by Vehicle Type, System Type, Safety Features, & Geography - Industry Trends & Forecast to 2018

JSB Market Research: Automotive Steering Systems Market by Vehicle Type (Passenger Car, LCV, & HCV), System Type (Manual, HPS, EHPS & EPS), Safety Features (With ABS/ESP & Without ABS/ESP), & Geography - Industry Trends & Forecast to 2018
On 8th Sept. 2014

Summary Steering systems are installed in order to maneuver a vehicle. Ever since the inception of the motor vehicle, steering systems have been the main stay of the vehicle’s maneuverability and agility. Over the history of the automotive industry, steering systems have evolved from being rigid and strenuous manual
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steering systems to more sophisticated, easy to use and reliable assisted steering systems. Modern day steering systems use various assistance systems to provide better directional stability and agility to a vehicle. Steering systems are categorized into two basic categories:manual steering system andassisted steering system. Assisted steering systems are further classified into three main types:hydraulically assisted steering system (HAPS/HPS), electro-hydraulic assisted steering system (EHAPS/EHPS) andelectricallyassisted steering system (EAPS/EPS). The HPS system makes use of pressurized hydraulic fluid and a pump to steer the vehicle at ease; whereas an EPS system works with the help of electric motor, an ECU, and sensors. In order to function, the HPS system draws power from the engine, whereas the EPS system makes use of the electrical energy from the battery, thus, increasing the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Due to the benefits offered by the EPS system, it has been widely adopted in the regions of Europe and North America. Also, the fuel economy and emission standard in these regions have been forcing the automobile manufacturers to adopt the EPS system in most of the vehicle models. The adoption rate of the EPS systems is increasing at a good pace in the Asia-Oceania and...