Transformational Leadership Increases Employees Motivation

Transformational leadership increases employees' motivation and involvement

1.0 Introduction
Transformational leadership has shown success in managing their business internally and externally well. Air Asia is one of the companies that have been managed under transformational leaders, Datuk Tony Fernandes. Datuk Tony Fernandes has been around motivating the employees to work with him in different job positions. In Air Asia, most of the employees are multi-tasking their ability and skills due to lack number of employees. In order to retain the employees, employee’s motivation and involvements are required to show that their presence is worth a lot to the company. That is why many transformational leaders motivate their employees during their hard times (especially in the case of multitasking employees of AirAsia). Not to mention, Datuk Tony Fernandes always bring himself to work in low-level positions when he has free times in order for him to see how the other crew members are doing. This kind of leadership brought employees involvement into their works that increases the motivation as a whole.

Transformational leaderships occurred when a leader transforms or changes his or her employees or team members in different direction with same goals (George & Jones, 2012). There are many ways a leader can enhance the ability of their team members. In the case of transformational leadership, the leader managed to make the followers or employees to trust on the leaders for its decisions, personal and its solutions. It means the leader will not backstabbed the follower, instead work along with the follower to complete a great thing. Then, the leader will perform his or her behaviors in order to increases the achievements of the organizational goals. Most leaders will ask their team members to complete this and that without giving proper directions. Not in the case of transformational leaders. They reminded, they repeated and they make sure the followers and employees...