Employee Motivation

Employee Motivational Paper

Organizational Psychology/ PSY 428

August 15, 2009

    Employees can be motivated in many ways, however, much of their motivation is derived from the values they learned growing up, which are the motivators that constitutes how a person performs various task throughout their lives. On the organizational setting there are different motivators that help the organization motivate workers and managers.
    Today’s organizations are finding ways to motivate employee’s with as little management interaction as possible. Many have developed the flat organizational model in order to achieve the highest production from their employees without direct supervision. This model promotes employee contribution through a decentralized system of assessment, and by elevating the level of responsibility of the lower level employee. The initiative is to make employees feel more important to the organization and be on assignments removing middle management from the model. The inspiration is that well educated staff will be more prolific, therefore, team oriented organizations will produce more work because the will be working towards a common goal.
      Employees are usually happy and comfortable in their work when the organization has empowered them through incentives. The flat organizational model can provide the necessary empowerment providing the conversion is carried out cogently and communicated appropriately to every level. With the flat organizational model decisions are made more expeditiously, ideas are managed better and creativity of the employees is brought out (Gates, 2009).
    Change can be challenging for employees however, the flat organizational model change is more likely to be welcomed by the employees. Support and participation are important attributes that are essential when change in organizational culture take place. In order for these changes to be successful without ramification top management needs to be supportive...