Training & Mentoring

Training and Mentoring
The importance of training and developing employees is to help them better understand their job duties.
Training will help to develop the proper sales skills involved from basic sales to closing of sales deals, personal interaction with fellow associates, working in teams, and customer relations.
The first is to establish professional customer relations, usually in the proper greeting of a customer or professional greeting over the phone.   For example, answering the phone in a professional manner.
“Hello, thank you for calling Enviro Tech/InterClean Inc. How may I help you today?”
This form of greeting will let the customer know whom they are calling and let them know that they may ask questions that relate to their cleaning needs.
The associate will also develop skills in team workmanship, respect for others, and how to increase their sales margin.
Individual training will involve not just greeting the customer, but also product knowledge of the various products used by the company, what they do, and what is the most effective way to use the products.
Sales managers, who work with teams in their district, will be trained in the mentoring ship of their team supervisors and teach them how to increase sales.   By giving monthly performance and analysis to each supervisor, the supervisors will show their staff, on a weekly basis, the ability to see where their sales are with the rest of the team, and how they can improve on their sales performance.
There is a training seminar on safety precautions for the products and working safely on the sales floor, how to avoid accidents, and using proper gear for the cleaning products.
The company wants to be the best in the business; the goal is to establish knowledgeable employees who understand the importance of the product and let the consumer know that our sale associates will have the answers they need.
Some of the course work will be web based and have to be done online, but classes...