Tourism and Destination

Blandine Bazhomba           21.09.13                          

Unit9: Tourist destination

Assignment title:
Lo3 Understand how the characteristics of destinations affect their appeal to tourists.

Lo4 understand issues likely to affect the popularity of tourist destinations.

In this assignment, I would be analysing the main tourist destinations and generators of the world in terms of visitor’s numbers and income generation.
The report will explain about cultural, social and physicals features of tourist destinations, and I how they appeal to the tourists. I would compare the features of developing and leading tourist destinations. And then, I would explain how the characteristics of destinations affect their appeal of tourism. I would be comparing the appeal of present leading tourists destinations (France) with that of currently developing tourist destinations (Ghana). Then, I will be evaluating how features of tourist destinations affect its appeal.

Definition of tourism
                Tourism is the activities of people travelling and staying in places outside their usual places (environment) for business, holiday, leisure and many other purposes not related to the exercises of an activity remunerated from the place visited.
                  Tourism is different from travel, ad in order for tourism to happen; there must be a displacement, means someone has to travel by using any type of transportation. But, all travels is not tourism.
                  Tourism   is the fastest growing economic sector bringing foreign exchange earnings. It is known that lot of people desire to go into foreign places to have an holiday, a break away from work, families, stresses and also to visit what they don't have in their own countries or their usual places.

            France is the world's leading tourist destination. Not only is situated at the heart of western Europe, bordering on all the larger countries in the region (Italy, Spain,...