Tough Guise

Marlon Johnson
English 102
Essay # 1

Tough Guise Essay   

The media plays a key role in the adolescence stage of young boys. To when they first witness their first scary movie to when they first played their first shooting game. Violence will and will always be influenced in young men lives, especially video games. Violent Video games is like a cultural norm in the masculine society. The violence in video games are considered to be dangerous for young men , because our society says it put thoughts in their minds to do harmful things they would possibly regret. Well I think violence in video games is great at times for example, that such violence can be can also be very therapeutic for people who need an aggressive release. I play video games a lot just to be able to release stress in a way that doesn't hurt someone else. The older you become, the less impressionable your mind is. But at the same time, that violence is still there for more impressionable people to see it.
Katz mention that, “boys and young men learned early on that being a so called real man, means you have to take on this “Tough Guise” and other words you have to show parts of yourself that the dominate culture define us manly”(Film). We see this part of culture also in movies, movies that try to define masculinity for young men to soak up. These movies tend to create images such as muscular stature, high adrenaline, aggressiveness towards women and blasting misguided bullets in mid-air (Rambo).They now see guns in films increasing by size; sexual violence in movies that ignites young men/boys to be aroused when the moment the murder takes place on the lady.
When boys/young men see these images they’ll thinks it’s part of what a tough guy suppose to be or what a real men supposed to act , look , or carry himself as. This can also fall back to the kids that grew up with no father or raised by one. I find it strange that the boys that grew up with a father figure as Katz...