Touching the Void

“Touching the Void is a triumph of the human spirit.” Do you agree with this statement?

Touching the Void directed by Kevin McDonald, is a true story about two British climbers who face an almost impossible journey, where their survival instinct and absolute courage triumph the human spirit over mother natures battle. By the use of documentary style both Joe Simpson and Simon Yates narrate their story. Through this and the use of a variety of film techniques, such as camera angles and music, the triumph of the human spirit is shown to the audience.

Survival instinct is a strong theme shown throughout the film Touching the Void. Both climbers, Joe and Simon are faced with situations where they have to make a life or death decision. This uncovers their survival instinct and in the end reveals the triumph of their own human spirit.
Simon and Joe are attached by a single rope and after no sign that Joe is alive, Simon’s survival instinct tell him to cut the rope and save himself. Without Simon making this decision the human spirit would not have triumphed over their losing battle. Both Simon and Joe would have died, but because of Simon’s instinct he won the fight.
When the rope is cut Joe falls into a crevasse. He is still alive but he has to make a decision to either fight back or leave himself to die. With a broken leg and only the tools in his backpack he moves on:
“Rather then just sit here and feel sorry for myself… I’ll get on with it”
Touching the Void is a triumph of the human spirit because both Simon and Joe mentally brought themselves back to life. The theme survival instinct is shown through the use of camera angles, such as close ups on equipment and both climbers faces, showing their emotions and their ideas in which they are thinking of how to overcome the circumstances they are in.

Courage is another theme shown throughout Touching the Void. It is a theme that shows the triumph of the human spirit because without Joe and Simon believing...