Touching the Void Brandon Large 9M Structure of the Film 1. a) I think that the film maker chose to use interviews and re-enactments
because provides a much better engaging atmosphere for the audience
and it also provides the feeling of you actually being there and witnessing
the events that happen throughout the film.
b) The advantages using this technique give to the film and the film maker
is that it has the sense that the audience feels as if they had the same
experience while watching the big screen, so this technique for engages a
great deal of attention all through the movie.
c) I don’t think there were any disadvantages to the structure/style of the
film because I enjoyed a lot and now I can’t think of anything that grabbed
my attention that wasn’t effective.

Focus on Scenes 2. a) The impressions that Joe Simpson and Simon Yates give to mountain
climbing is a most adrenalin filled sport they love to do all the time for fun
and can’t get enough of it. They show all this by their enfusiasim and the
interviews they do for the film.
b) The images that are shown make the viewer feel interested in the
mountains and wonder what will happen.
c) The effect that the music gives in the opening sequence is a
questionable “what’s going to happen next?” which makes the viewers
wanting to see more. Also the music builds a lot of suspense for the next

Day 4 3. a) The film depicts this scene because of its raw emotion that it uses to
hold the whole tale together.
b) I think that the film maker choose to focus on Simon Yates at that point
because of it of his choice that he had to make. This choice consisted of
dying or cutting the rope. His choice was to cut the rope which made Joe
plunge to his death but thankfully surviving.

Day 5 4. a) Joe decided to go deeper into the trench because he couldn’t go up so
he thought he might as well go down and see if there was an exit. The
only reason he didn’t tie the knot in the rope is because...