Total Institution's & Ken Kesey's Legacy

Total Institutions & Ken Kesey’s Legacy

      Insane asylums were originally built with the purpose of curing the insane.   By cutting them off from the outside world, medical personnel believed that the patient could feel more at ease and comfortable in a secluded area.   They performed psychological techniques to “improve” the mental state of the inmate.   The life of the inmate inside of the institutions can be depicted in movies and in sociological essays.   Originally written by Ken Kesey, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest has captured the interest of many including the minds of those in Hollywood.
      “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” is about a newfound inmate to a psych ward who’s found himself to be in more trouble than he expected.   In order to get out of jail, Randal McMurphy suggests that he was a mentally ill individual who needs help.   The thought of getting away with being treated in a mental institution instead of going to prison made McMurphy eccentric.   This spike in overconfidence mixed with his troubled behavior will inevitably be his downfall.
      As he is being admitted, he is put through the normal process of being an inmate at an institution.   The other inmates, though a little unstable, have established their own place in the ward and are intrigued with the new, self-aware inmate McMurphy.   He finds out right away that interacting with the other inmates is going to take some patience when he tries to play games and socially communicate.   Stealing a bus and a charter to take the inmates fishing were just a few of the comical antics that McMurphy executed.   Unknowing of the consequences, he snuck in girls and alcohol under the supervision of a weary guard.   The employees at the asylum had no other choice but to subdue the troublemaker to their forms of treatment.   The amount of shock therapy and other treatments practically fried him so much so that he was unable to say anything or move without assistance.   Though he met a terrible fate,...